Adam Milstein’s Success as an Active Philanthropist

Philanthropist Adam Mistein has been a successful commercial real estate investor since 1983. He is currently working at a private commercial real estate firm, Hager Pacific Properties, as managing partner. The firm has three locations in Calif., Encino, Newport Beach and West Hollywood. Milstein also services as national chairman and is co-founder of the Israeli-American Council, supporting Israeli-Americans across the United States.


In December of 2016, Adam told IdeaMensch online that he came to the United States from Israel to obtain a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) degree with concentration in entrepreneurship. During that time, he ventured out into his career to become financially stable as a real estate commercial broker, and because he wanted to succeed in his career. Milstein believes that to be a successful entrepreneur that needed to rely on himself and not others by understanding and resolving problems that arise.


He established the Milstein Family Foundation to help young adults identify their roots in the Jewish community. Together with his wife Gila, Milstein’s mission is to strengthen Israel and the Jewish people within the United States for the next generation of the Jewish community. The foundation principles include: active philanthropy (funding organizations, projects and programs (OPPs), life path impact (to be sure that OPPs are engaging in the young into adulthood) and philanthropic synergy (collaboration of other philanthropic organizations).


“These three principles are what make the Milstein Family Foundation unique,” Milstein says in an interview with Lynn Fosse, Senior Editor of CEOCFO Magazine online, May 8, 2017. He continues saying that an active philanthropy always makes sure to find ways to fund organizations, as well as projects and programs involved. Therefore, many people who work active philanthropist not only invest in their time, but their resources as well to succeed in order to make an impact on their mission and others successfully.