Dick DeVos and Eager Lobbying

No one can ever accuse Dick DeVos of being someone who shows no interest in his surroundings. It doesn’t matter if you’re talking about the massive United States as a nation. It doesn’t matter if you’re talking about the Midwestern city of Grand Rapids in Michigan, either. DeVos is nothing if not meticulous and precise. That says a lot about him. It also makes full sense. DeVos comes from a background of industrious people. His father Richard was one of the entrepreneurs who made Amway the major force it has been for so many decades. Young Dick saw himself just how tough it was to take charge of such a big corporation. It helped him develop a work ethic that is of legendary status as well. That strong work ethic served him well. Dick was the man who ran everything at Amway for about 10 years or so. He started heading the company in the early nineties. He remained in that rock-solid position until the beginning of the 2000s came around.


Dick DeVos is a proponent of the strength of change and positive transitions. Betsy DeVos is as well. The two philanthropists have been blissfully married for many years, to say the least. They have great children together. They’ve set up charitable foundations as a duo, too. People who have heard of the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation may have witnessed the pair’s actions with their own eyes. This charitable group has given money to all types of local and national causes. Dick and Betsy are two caring individuals who support all varieties of arts and culture matters. They’re two people who support comprehensive educational concepts. Betsy DeVos is the Secretary of Education for the United States right now. She’s a strong fit for that vital role, too. This ambitious woman has been talking about educational reform and associated matters for ages. She backs educational choice. She backs other topics such as educational vouchers and charter schools with equal zeal. It wouldn’t even be a stretch to say that her husband Dick is equally interested in educational topics. This aviation buff put together a charter school situated at the airport in Grand Rapids. This charter school is an A+ match for people who want to go after lives in the aviation world. DeVos is a tried and tested aviation aficionado who has been eager to learn about airplanes for a long time now.


DeVos communicates his emotions by doing things. He’s not one to simply bemoan matters. There are some people who just complain and talk about the things that make them feel unsettled and disturbed. DeVos definitely isn’t part of that camp. His wife certainly isn’t, either. DeVos didn’t like to hear about substantial construction preparations in Grand Rapids years ago. Once he found out about arena construction preparations, he initiated the in-depth lobbying process. People who have friendships with DeVos know that lobbying is something that practically comes effortlessly to him. Communication is paramount in his world.


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