Doe Deere Makes a Colorful Mark on the Cosmetics Industry

Doe Deere is known for her brightly colored hair and attention-getting eye makeup. She’s also the founder of Lime Crime, which offers a number of bold cosmetics to help customers express their individuality. There’s a good chance you’ve seen some examples of the vivid makeup looks that Lime Crime offers on Instagram.


The company (and Deere) has seen its share of controversy, but it’s hard to deny that Lime Crime is pretty popular and has lip and eye colors that are both vintage and futuristic. The packaging is also eye-catching, and the sparkly, unicorn-inspired cases are part of what makes Lime Crime so appealing.


Stylist recently caught up with Doe Deere to speak with the busy beauty mogul about Feelunique and Lime Crime pop-up shop happening in London on April 27th.


Stylist asked Deere what she felt makes a beauty brand a cult favorite. Doe says that cult status shows that a brand is one of a kind, and shares that Lime Crime has been producing quality makeup since 2008. She also asserts that the beauty industry has changed significantly since then, and is proud that her company is still seen as unique, even in a crowded market.


Stylist also talked to Doe about the fact that Lime crime is cruelty free and vegan. The business tycoon shares that Lime Crime’s philosophy reflects her personal beliefs about using products that are not tested on animals. Deere also states that Lime Crime is involves in lots of charity work that focuses on animals, which is why it’s logical for the company to offer vegan cosmetics.


Deere is also pretty open about the mistakes that she’s made as a business owner. She shares that being an entrepreneur is a learning experience, and that she grows from each of her professional experiences. Doe admits that there have been lots of obstacles along the way, but she’s used these challenges to figure out how to properly market her business and create products that are favorites with her customers.


There was also talk about the biggest beauty trends of the year. Doe Deere shares that ultraviolet is the color of the year. This vivid shade of purple fits perfectly with Lime Crime’s brand and personality, and Deere shares that the hue will be used in many new products, including the Venus III Eyeshadow Palette, which recently launched.


When it comes to advice that Doe Deere would provide for young women who want to be entrepreneurs, she says that it’s important for women to be passionate about what they do. Deere advises that business owners should follow their instincts and be attentive to the things they like before making a plan and going after their dreams. After all, she speaks from experience. Learn more: