Luiz Carlos Trabuco Has Been Shaping Banco Bradesco’s Portfolio

In late 2017, the serving chairman of Banco Bradesco stepped down. Given that he had served the company for about three decades, he considered his resignation a relatively honorable move. Brandao de Mello had worked for Banco Bradesco for a substantial duration. In his tenure as the president of the bank, he streamlined the management’s operations and ensured that all employees were recruited internally.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Replaces Brandao

When he stepped down, Mr. Luiz Carlos Trabuco was meant to replace him in the meantime. Of course, there were plans to appoint a new president after some time as Luiz Carlos Trabuco’s position as the chief executive officer would not allow him to serve as the president at the same time. This is in light with the policies of Banco Bradesco.

Lazari is Experienced

Well, since the bank was set to select a new president to replace Brandao permanently, the time finally came and recently, Luiz Carlos Trabuco announced the appointment of a new president; Octavia de Lazari Junior has replaced Brandao. His election was purely based on personal merits not only as an existing employee but a competent leader who has held leadership positions in the past. Having served as Banco’s vice president, Octavia de Lazari possesses unmatched leadership skills that will toss Banco Bradesco to the world of international banking systems.

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What’s Next for Banco?

As a banking firm that has grown in the leadership of the retired Lazaro de Mello, Banco Bradesco will experience a couple of tremendous transitions. That does not mean that the bank will suffer in any way as Luiz Carlos Trabuco is still the chief executive officer and he shall continue to reign as the dedicated leader he is. Luiz Carlos Trabuco joined Banco Bradesco at the tender age of 17. Of course, he was too young to hold senior positions. However, he carved out his name on the higher leadership ranks by pleasing the board of directors with ever-growing performance.

Why is Luiz Revered?

Luiz Carlos Trabuco rightfully earned a promotion as the team leader and lead executive. With his input, Bradesco doubled its shares in Brazil’s banking industry. In his reign, he ensured that employees had a comfortable working environment for them to serve Banco’s clients diligently.

More Roles

Moreover, Luiz Carlos Trabuco is a revered team leader and expert in finance and business management. He has exuded confidence in all his dealings with people. As he welcomes the new president, he is expected to work with him in carrying on Brandao’s legacy in the firm. Aside from that, Luiz Carlos Trabuco has been confident in making sure that the reign of the firm is delivered under the right leadership umbrella. Like a huge extended family, Luiz Carlos Trabuco has embraced Banco Bradesco in all ways. From the team that handles management to the customer service team, for Luiz Carlos Trabuco, it is all about making sure that the client is pleased with their services.


Luiz Carlos Trabuco has implemented excellent leadership by growing Trabuco’s shares. This was his major achievement in 2015.

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Dick DeVos and Eager Lobbying

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