Luiz Carlos Trabuco Has Been Shaping Banco Bradesco’s Portfolio

In late 2017, the serving chairman of Banco Bradesco stepped down. Given that he had served the company for about three decades, he considered his resignation a relatively honorable move. Brandao de Mello had worked for Banco Bradesco for a substantial duration. In his tenure as the president of the bank, he streamlined the management’s operations and ensured that all employees were recruited internally.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Replaces Brandao

When he stepped down, Mr. Luiz Carlos Trabuco was meant to replace him in the meantime. Of course, there were plans to appoint a new president after some time as Luiz Carlos Trabuco’s position as the chief executive officer would not allow him to serve as the president at the same time. This is in light with the policies of Banco Bradesco.

Lazari is Experienced

Well, since the bank was set to select a new president to replace Brandao permanently, the time finally came and recently, Luiz Carlos Trabuco announced the appointment of a new president; Octavia de Lazari Junior has replaced Brandao. His election was purely based on personal merits not only as an existing employee but a competent leader who has held leadership positions in the past. Having served as Banco’s vice president, Octavia de Lazari possesses unmatched leadership skills that will toss Banco Bradesco to the world of international banking systems.

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What’s Next for Banco?

As a banking firm that has grown in the leadership of the retired Lazaro de Mello, Banco Bradesco will experience a couple of tremendous transitions. That does not mean that the bank will suffer in any way as Luiz Carlos Trabuco is still the chief executive officer and he shall continue to reign as the dedicated leader he is. Luiz Carlos Trabuco joined Banco Bradesco at the tender age of 17. Of course, he was too young to hold senior positions. However, he carved out his name on the higher leadership ranks by pleasing the board of directors with ever-growing performance.

Why is Luiz Revered?

Luiz Carlos Trabuco rightfully earned a promotion as the team leader and lead executive. With his input, Bradesco doubled its shares in Brazil’s banking industry. In his reign, he ensured that employees had a comfortable working environment for them to serve Banco’s clients diligently.

More Roles

Moreover, Luiz Carlos Trabuco is a revered team leader and expert in finance and business management. He has exuded confidence in all his dealings with people. As he welcomes the new president, he is expected to work with him in carrying on Brandao’s legacy in the firm. Aside from that, Luiz Carlos Trabuco has been confident in making sure that the reign of the firm is delivered under the right leadership umbrella. Like a huge extended family, Luiz Carlos Trabuco has embraced Banco Bradesco in all ways. From the team that handles management to the customer service team, for Luiz Carlos Trabuco, it is all about making sure that the client is pleased with their services.


Luiz Carlos Trabuco has implemented excellent leadership by growing Trabuco’s shares. This was his major achievement in 2015.

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Want Politics To Change? Support Campaign Finance Reform And End Citizens United

Money has always had a role in politics, but a disastrous 2010 Supreme Court decision known as Citizens United has made it possible for Big Money donors and corporate interests to buy increasingly more influence by electing politicians who accept their money and refuse to re-visit the issue of campaign finance reform. We need more transparency during our election campaigns so we can be sure that our representatives are there for us.

That’s where End Citizens United comes into play. This political action committee was formed back in 2015 to combat Big Money’s interests in the 2016 election. Tiffany Muller championed the PAC into what it is today, an organization of over 3 million members across the country and a selection of candidates that have promised to revisit campaign finance reform when in office and have refused to accept money from corporate PACs.


This grassroots effort raised more than $25 million dollars during the 2016 elections and with help from citizens like you, End Citizens United will continue to fund candidates like Beto O’Rourke and Conor Lamb to properly challenge Republicans who have stopped caring about their constituents and now only care to line their pockets.

End Citizens United has been at the forefront of fighting those Republicans who oppose campaign finance reform by backing Democratic challengers in contentious races that were previously thought to be unwindable. The PAC is planning the same strategy for the 2018 midterm elections, where the Doug Jones victory in Alabama and the Conor Lamb victory in Pennsylvania prove that Beto O’Rourke and other progressive Democrats have a chance at gaining a foothold in once strong Republican country.

End Citizens United has dedicated its time and efforts to highlighting just how hypocritical some of our representatives in Congress have been by putting them on the Big Money 20 list. This is a list of 20 Republicans who have accepted money from corporate super PACs and mega-donors and fight for their interests over those they represent. The list is an attempt to showcase just how far Republicans have strayed from being the party of fiscal conservatives when it suits them.

Curious if your representative is on the list? Some of the biggest names include Paul Ryan, Ted Cruz, and Dana Rohrabacher but you can see the full list of representatives here. For the first time in 35 years there’s no Republican running unopposed in his or her district, so now is the time for grassroots efforts to push for the change we want to see by voting and supporting candidates that will help tackle campaign finance reform as one of their key issues.

Dick DeVos and Eager Lobbying

No one can ever accuse Dick DeVos of being someone who shows no interest in his surroundings. It doesn’t matter if you’re talking about the massive United States as a nation. It doesn’t matter if you’re talking about the Midwestern city of Grand Rapids in Michigan, either. DeVos is nothing if not meticulous and precise. That says a lot about him. It also makes full sense. DeVos comes from a background of industrious people. His father Richard was one of the entrepreneurs who made Amway the major force it has been for so many decades. Young Dick saw himself just how tough it was to take charge of such a big corporation. It helped him develop a work ethic that is of legendary status as well. That strong work ethic served him well. Dick was the man who ran everything at Amway for about 10 years or so. He started heading the company in the early nineties. He remained in that rock-solid position until the beginning of the 2000s came around.


Dick DeVos is a proponent of the strength of change and positive transitions. Betsy DeVos is as well. The two philanthropists have been blissfully married for many years, to say the least. They have great children together. They’ve set up charitable foundations as a duo, too. People who have heard of the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation may have witnessed the pair’s actions with their own eyes. This charitable group has given money to all types of local and national causes. Dick and Betsy are two caring individuals who support all varieties of arts and culture matters. They’re two people who support comprehensive educational concepts. Betsy DeVos is the Secretary of Education for the United States right now. She’s a strong fit for that vital role, too. This ambitious woman has been talking about educational reform and associated matters for ages. She backs educational choice. She backs other topics such as educational vouchers and charter schools with equal zeal. It wouldn’t even be a stretch to say that her husband Dick is equally interested in educational topics. This aviation buff put together a charter school situated at the airport in Grand Rapids. This charter school is an A+ match for people who want to go after lives in the aviation world. DeVos is a tried and tested aviation aficionado who has been eager to learn about airplanes for a long time now.


DeVos communicates his emotions by doing things. He’s not one to simply bemoan matters. There are some people who just complain and talk about the things that make them feel unsettled and disturbed. DeVos definitely isn’t part of that camp. His wife certainly isn’t, either. DeVos didn’t like to hear about substantial construction preparations in Grand Rapids years ago. Once he found out about arena construction preparations, he initiated the in-depth lobbying process. People who have friendships with DeVos know that lobbying is something that practically comes effortlessly to him. Communication is paramount in his world.


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Roberto Santiago the Owner of Manaira Shopping Mall

It takes more than a good business idea to venture into a successful business. That is why successful entrepreneurs always think ahead. Even when they stray from the ideal roadmap, they always know what they want to accomplish in the end. This description fits the life of Roberto Santiago, a serial entrepreneur who owns two modern shopping malls in Brazil.


Personal Profile


Roberto Santiago was born in Joao Pessoa. That is where he grew as well. Like any other toddler whose dreams and aspirations are founded in the corners of a study hall, Roberto Santiago attended Pio X Marist College for higher education. In that institution, he was able to attain managerial skills. At a later time, he joined the University Centre of Joao Pessoa for an undergraduate course in business administration. Perhaps, he was able to obtain people skills while undertaking this specific undergraduate course.




Roberto Santiago worked at Café Santa Maria after college. He dedicated time and effort in service delivery. That is how he managed to garner extensive experience in business management. He was also able to earn some money which enabled him to venture into a new business. From Café Santa Maria, he started a Cartonnage Company. The company manufactured cartons in addition to decorative items. After manufacturing, Roberto Santiago would rally his employees to supply the items to consumers.




Seeing that the cartonnage company yielded substantial revenue, Roberto Santiago decided to venture into real estate. That was in 1987. Luckily enough, he was successful. He bought land and invested in what would later be termed as a one-stop shopping mall. Manaira Shopping Mall was established in two years. The project was Roberto’s idea of providing the people of Joao Pessoa with a facility that would cater for their needs in a wholesome manner.


Manaira Shopping Mall


On 29th November 1989, Manaira Shopping Mall was opened. It has 98 stores. The stores comprise of entertainment units, financial services units, an education center, food courts and restaurants, a gaming area and a hall known as the Domus Hall. The Domus Hall was launched in 2009. It is situated on the rooftop of the mall. The Domus Hall is air-conditioned. It has enough space to accommodate 10,000 people. Since it is a two-story structure, two different events can be hosted on the same floor.


Some of the entertainment options available in Manaira Shopping Mall include a movie theatre, a bowling alley and an equipped amusement park that has state-of-the-art machines.


The Expansion of Manaira Mall


Manaira was first enlarged in 1993.The second expansion occurred in 1997. The food court was revamped in the third expansion that occurred in 2007. Presently, it provides meals that fit every client’s budget.


Additional Information


Behind the one-stop-shopping mall is a successful entrepreneur, Roberto Santiago. He is one entrepreneur who never rested on his laurels. He invented one of Brazil’s largest and best malls.


Jeremy Goldstein and Incentive Plans

Incentive plans and bonuses seem like an extremely easy thing to wrap your head around. If the company does well, you get more money in your paycheck. If the company is suffering, then you get less money in your bonus check. While it may seem simple, many companies have started to determine that performance-based bonus plans like this might not be the best thing for the long-term success of the company. They have called in experts like Jeremy L. Goldstein and his firm, Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates, to determine the best course of action going forward.

While it is true that employee satisfaction and productivity in the short-term rises as a result of these bonus plans, there is very little evidence that these plans help companies in the long term. Skeptics would argue that, due to the nature of the plans, which focus on past-based metrics like earnings per share and net income for the prior period, that employees only have an incentive to increase their efforts in the current year, and they start to let goals for future years fall by the wayside. Learn more:

There are also arguments that executives will stop spending, which all companies need to grow, in order to increase the bottom line for the year. They might also decide to increase spending all in one year so that only one year is affected by these projects and expenditures instead of spreading them out over several years. This can also create cash flow problems for the company and result in large amounts of debt coming due at the same time in the future. Either way, executives have the ability to sacrifice the future of the company for their bonuses.

Jeremy Goldstein has worked with several Fortune 500 companies to get through debates just like this, and his firm has worked with companies going through major transitions in their compensation plans and corporate structure. Goldstein’s suggestion is that compensation committees start to scrutinize exactly what their executives are doing. If there is a large decision being made about expenditures, the committee should determine if that decision was made to help the company or to help the executive increase his or her bonus.

Goldstein has also suggested that these plans add in metrics that take into account profitability over the long-term instead of just the prior year or quarter. He suggested that they focus on actual-to-forecast metrics and whether or not the company is meeting its long-term goals rather than just its short-term numbers. In this way, Goldstein has created a scenario in which everyone wins.

Betsy Devos – on topic article

U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos is known in Michigan as a tenacious advocate for charter schools and parent choice in education. A former chair of Michigan’s state Republican Party, DeVos is known as personable, down-to-earth, and a tireless advocate for the goals she selects.


DeVos arrived in Washington, D.C. in February, 2017, with little experience in the Federal government and limited experience with President Donald Trump. Early in her tenure, a national controversy over an Obama Administration policy enforcing transgender student access to school bathrooms launched a behind-the-scenes difference in approach between DeVos and U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions.


Although privately, DeVos did not support rescinding the Obama Administration’s rule enforcing local districts to make bathrooms available for transgender students based on their stated gender identity, publically, DeVos supported the Trump Administration’s position. Her approach indicated she is a savvy “team player,” meeting privately with LGBT Education Department employees to discuss the policy change, and publically supporting the Trump Administration.


Rather than seeking to eliminate public schools, DeVos has worked for more than 25 years to provide alternatives, including charter schools and school choice initiatives such as vouchers. She is the founder of the Great Lakes Education Project, which led Detroit to have the largest number of charter schools in the nation.


In a 2017 interview with MLive, DeVos told reporters that she and her husband Dick, who contributed over $11.6 million to charity in 2015, were dedicated to educational causes because the U.S. educational system was failing to help students achieve “the American dream.”


Forbes reported that the extended DeVos family, which includes Betsy’s husband Dick, the son of Amway founder Richard DeVos, has donated over $1.33 billion over their collective charitable lifetimes. The family’s 2015 giving placed them #24 on Forbes’ “Top Givers” list.


Betsy DeVos wants to seek solutions to a “one size fits all” educational system. A major barrier in the system that she perceives is the ZIP code problem. With students assigned to a public school based only on their ZIP code, their parents have no choice but to send their child to a local public school.


With experience supporting private schools including the Potter’s House in Grand Rapids, Mich., Betsy DeVos has also been involved with a number of political advocacy, education policy, and not-for-profit educational foundations which have successfully launched school choice movements and charter schools in Indiana, Michigan, and Florida. State surveys showed that many families supported school choice initiatives in the different states, particularly Florida.


DeVos highlighted this success with an April, 2017 trip to Miami, Fla. to visit the charter school founded by Armando Christian Pérez, also known the rapper Pitbull. She focused on educational diversity with visits to a public elementary school, a private Christian academy, and Pitbull’s SLAM Academy charter school. Later in her South Florida visit, DeVos also toured Miami Dade College, a former community college which has expanded to offer four-year bachelor’s degrees.


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Betsy DeVos: Education Pioneer

Politician, philanthropist, and businesswoman Betsy DeVos was born in 1958 to the prestigious Prince family, led by billionaire industrialist Edgar Prince. Before becoming the United States Secretary of Education, she was a Republican National Committeewoman and Chair of the Michigan Republican Party. Betsy is married to Dick DeVos, the former CEO of Amway. Mr. and Mrs. DeVos are known for their many business and philanthropic endeavors. Learn more:





Betsy DeVos has been involved with many foundations, including one that was founded by her and her husband. The Dick & Betsy DeVos Family Foundation has made contributions totaling nearly $12 million per year in charitable contributions. She has also been involved in many arts and education foundations, becoming a pioneer for education early in her college years. She is a member of multiple charity boards like Kids Hope USA and the Foundation for Excellence in Education.





As a champion of school reform, DeVos had led many political action committees, party organizations, and campaigns. Her biggest claim-to-fame is her advocacy for education reform. She believes that the country should provide more choices in education outside of the public-school system. This is done via charter schools and private schools, which use financial assistance programs and vouchers to equalize student’s incomes.





Wisconsin was the first state to institute a private-school voucher program, and more than 25 years later, DeVos is proud that there are now more than 250,000 students in 33 choice-programs, in 17 states. She expects that even more people will enjoy the freedom of choice, as they see public school systems not succeeding. After seeing the unfairness of private schools throughout the years, Betsy wishes for everyone to have access to great, private education, regardless of income level.





After having children that were entering in the school system, Betsy and her husband found it their duty to help families in their choice of education for their children. She began creating scholarship programs, but Betsy and Dick quickly delved deeper. Through political action, she became a champion for educational choice.





Thus far, Florida, Louisiana, and Indiana are the program’s biggest successes. In Florida, more than 50,000 children are attending the school they choose. In Louisiana and Indiana, new programs were passed that have the potential to help almost 1 million children every year. As a bi-partisan issue, education is beginning to expand beyond the one-size-fits-all public school.





While many accuse DeVos of being greedy, she claims she is only focused on educational choice. She wants to change the status quo so that students may not be assigned to a school just because of where they reside in their zip code, or because of their income status. DeVos believes every American should be able to make a choice for their children’s education, whether it is public, private, charter, or at home. According to Betsy DeVos, the opportunity to choose the best education setting for their children should be a part of the American dream.

The Winner of The 16 M&A Awards is The Most Deserving Participant, Madison Street Capital

Perhaps the most exciting place to be for most financial firms on Monday, 13 November 2017, was the venue for the Annual M&A awards. Held consecutively for 16 years and possibly many more, the M&A awards are considered as a way to recognize and honor the crème de la crème firms in the financial sector. This award ceremony that was held at the Metropolitan Club located in New York was the highlight of everybody’s evening, especially for Madison Street Capital.



With the excellent advice parted by Madison Street Capital in the WLR Automotive case, it wasn’t that big of a surprise for many this financial firm won the M&A awards for the category of Debt Financing Deal of the Year. For those who went aware, Madison Street Capital was also the finalist for two other categories which were, Boutique Investment Banking Firm of the Year and Under 50 MM financial deals of the year. This prestigious accolade was also given to Madison Street Capital due to the collective effect of the impressive participants of this firm.



Charles Botchway, the CEO Of Madison Street Capital, stayed humble as always while accepting this award for the work done in the last year; however, he did take out a few minutes to whole-heartedly congratulate both the Senior Managing Director and the staff of WLR automotive.



Although just one amongst a total of 650 firms that were competing for this accolade, Madison Street Capital was perhaps one of the few candidates that deserved this award for more reasons than one. The notable work they have done for their clients was highlighted, but another reason they were leading the candidate list was due to the immense support they have shown to local communities especially those who are in dire need of assistance.



One of the contributions Madison Street Capital has actively made to improve the situation of both local and global communities is by affiliating themselves with the United Ways of the Midwest and South Disaster Fund. A few of the tasks that the affiliation was engaged in was to identify and rectify time-critical issues that impact various communities on a global scale as well as partner with any organization that can help the situation with a long-term commitment. In 2008, with the help of their dedicated and brilliant staff members, Madison Street Capital had signed up for a 10-year program with the sole goal of helping various groups of society get an opportunity of better education and financial stability by the end of the year 2018.



Madison Street Capital runs its operations through its headquarters based in Chicago, Illinois. This Middle Market Investment Banking Firm has also been known to be at its pinnacle of success due to the excellent work they do at their other branches in Africa and Asia.


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The Danger Of Phone Calls By Prison Inmates

The Lee Correctional Institute in South Carolina is not the type of place where you expect a whole lot of nation-wide change to start taking place. For Robert Johnson though, this is where it all kicked off. He had worked their as a correctional officer for around fifteen years when his whole life got turned upside down.


Among the tasks that Johnson was responsible for was to take away contraband material such as cell phones. Of course, inmates don’t like this too much, but they have little recourse when it comes to a situation like this. They had to turn over those phones. However, some inmates held a grudge against the officer for having taken their phones from them. They used those illegal phones to order a hit on Mr. Johnson.


It all happened one night when Johnson and his family were asleep. Someone broke into his house and shot Johnson several times before fleeing. It was a miracle that the ex-corrections officer survived the attack at all. The fact that he did gave him the unique opportunity to be a voice for getting all cell phones out of the prisons.


Securus Technologies, a company that specifically works on these particular kinds of security issues in prisons has taken the story of Robert Johnson to heart. They hear stories similar to his all the time, and they want to do something about it. Namely, they want to make it far harder for inmates to ever get their hands on a cell phone in the first place.


As recently as earlier this year, Securus went live with another corrections facility with some technology that they have to both block contraband cell phones from working within the prison walls, and to identify the phones that inmates are attempting to use in the first place. By doing both of these things, Securus has done a great job of cutting way back on the number of incidents in which this is even a problem at all. They have made it so much harder for people to get those phones in the first place.


More and more correctional facilities continue to contact Securus for their services. They figure if Securus can help out some other facilities with their contraband phone problem, then these facilities might as well line up as well to get their piece of the action. The company is more than happy to have the business. They know that the work that they do literally saves lives in a lot of cases. When you have a responsibility that big sitting squarely on your solders, you understand the importance of the work that you do. They never forget as they work tirelessly every day to make this a safer country.


Shiraz Boghani And Sussex Healthcare

Shiraz Boghani has long been recognized as one of the pre-eminent businessmen in the UK. He has been chairman of the Splendid Hospitality Group for ten years.

He was recognized as Hotelier of the Year at the Asian Business Awards in 2016 for this role. But Boghani is also Joint Chairman of Sussex Healthcare. Though this is his lesser-known job, it is one that he’s very proud of.

Sussex Healthcare provides excellent care for people who can no longer live on their own. Most of Sussex Healthcare’s residents suffer from age-related conditions like dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Other residents include permanently disabled people of every age. Sussex Healthcare has been in business for over 25 years.

Sussex Healthcare has been recognized for the quality of the environment its patients live in. Each location is as homey as possible. There’s a shortage of in-home healthcare workers in Sussex, so this organization is providing a much-needed service.

Shiraz Boghani has been Joint Chairman since 1998. That’s almost two full decades. Boghani has transferred his hospitality experience to the arena of eldercare. He wants families to feel comfortable leaving their loved ones at Sussex Healthcare. And he wants residents to have the best possible stay.

Over 30,000 people have been cared for at Sussex Healthcare. Shiraz Boghani feels proud that so many people have entrusted their loved ones to the organization’s care. It’s not just expert opinions he and other officers of the company care about. The endorsement they most want is that of families. In Boghani’s mind, word-of-mouth is more important than any canned public relations statement.

Boghani sees providing quality care as a mission. Sussex Healthcare offers gym facilities for rehabilitation and fitness purposes. There’s also space for residents to create art. Boghani was also a key voice in Sussex Healthcare’s decision to open day centers. The organization is now also providing outreach services for people with learning and physical disabilities.

In addition to his work life, Boghani finds plenty of time to give back. He is a big donor to the Aga Khan Foundation. This organization has been making the world better for over 50 years. Shiraz Boghani’s outlook is right in step with its mission of improving live in developing countries around the world.

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