Richard Mishaan Design Celebrates Book Release, Core Design Values

Richard Mishaan Design is the fashionable interior designing company based out of New York that has been setting the city ablaze with style, modernism, and panache. Richard Mishaan is the outspoken head of his design company and it has been his tireless work, willingness to experiment, and understanding of his clientele that has led to such a prominent year in 2016 and 2017. Richard Mishaan Design has a lot to celebrate, not the least of which is the release of his latest book — “Artfully Modern”.


What makes Richard Mishaan Design so fundamentally important for the high end clients that he works for is this: he knows how to take a concept and give it authentic life. Richard Mishaan Design isn’t just another upscale interior decorating company that doles out the same old, same old, they are a group which prides themselves on creating unique experiences for their clients. Lisa Pevaroff-Cohn, a friend and client, says: “Richard can make something beautiful, and make it yours, not his.”


The guiding principle behind Richard Mishaan Design seems to be Mishaan’s willingness to layer different textures, colors, and eras — regardless of any conventional wisdom that comes from within the industry. This willingness to experiment has made Mishaan something of a maverick in the art and interior design world and his work continues to sparkle as a result. You can see it first hand in his table side art book, “Artfully modern.” Mishaan says of his design work, “It is an expression of who we are and what we want to see.”


While Mishaan may cater to the upscale clients, he never lets money get in the way of his work — and not in the direction that you would think. Mishaan says, “I don’t like it when someone walks away from something because it’s not expensive enough.”

DAMAC Soars to Greater Success Under Founder and Chairman, Hussain Sajwani

Hussain Sajwani is an influential investor and philanthropist from the United Arab Emirates. It has taken Hussain four decades to amass a personal fortune estimated by Forbes Magazine to stand in at $4.4$. Today, DAMAC Properties has grown to become a behemoth entity working in close to a dozen Middle East countries.


What DAMAC Does


The firm mostly specializes in luxury and commercial property developments. The company’s portfolio has investments in other unrelated interests for instance, in the legal, finance, sales and marketing sectors. According to DAMAC’s Linked In page, the firm has a core staff of around 2,000 professionals.


Capital Markets Analyst


Hussain is a revered expert in the capital markets niche. In recent years, the Dubai-based billionaire businessperson has set up a venture capital firm called DICO Investments Co LLC. The VC firm has overseen several multi-million dollar M&A deals by Hussain and his team.


Rethinking Dubai’s Future


In the 90’s, the Emirates region witnessed a relaxation of the existing property ownership rules and regulations. The leaders hoped to attract foreigners and investors to boost the oil-dependent economies of the area. Hussain made quite the killing selling properties, mostly to western foreigners. In 2002, DAMAC finally went public on the London Stock Exchange raising millions in the process.


Here’s the financial report card of DAMAC Properties for the year ending 2016:-


  • Market Capitalization $15.3B
  • Total Enterprise Value $16.6B
  • Earnings Per Share $0.6B
  • Total Equity $12.6B
  • Revenue $7.16B
  • Total Debt $3.82B


DAMAC’s success is made possible by dependable and renowned suppliers. Here are some of the leading development partners associated with Hussain’s firm:-


  1. LVMH


LVMH is a luxury goods retailing venture. The establishment deals in selling perfumes, cosmetics, fashion apparel, wines, spirits, jewelry and designer watches.


  1. The Trump Organization Inc.


DAMAC owner, Mr. Sajwani got thrust into the limelight in the early days of the Trump administration. Many folks didn’t realize just how close the UAE business person was with the incoming president. That was until the Hussain Sajwani family got a special invite to usher in 2017 with the new president.


  1. Drake & Scull International LLC


DAMAC relies on this engineering and architecture firm for a myriad of core activities. Drake & Scull provides comprehensive support for DAMAC’s foremen building the apartments and the five-star hotels in the ME and beyond.